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25 February 2012

XCR-M & FAST Stock

A lot has been going on at Robinson Armament Co.  We are finally shipping the XCR-M and our new XCR FAST stock.   If you have pre-ordered, please confirm you order with  

Only the XCR-M Standard Model is now shipping with 18.6" barrels.  There has been some speculation on the web that we will not be offering 20" barrels.  This is incorrect.  16" and 20" barrels will work in the XCR-M.  We are offering these two additional lengths for the XCR-M Standard right now.

We have not found the right barrels for the XCR-M in .260 Remington.  As soon as we do, we'll offer the XCR-M in .260 as complete rifles and conversion kits.

The XCR-M Mini with 13", 14.7", and 16" will begin shipping in March, 2012.


We are working on a .300 Blackout XCR-L conversion.  So far it will only work on our Micro upper receivers with short barrel lengths 7.5" to 9"?  We are still working on it and will have better news shortly.


We have exploded view diagrams with all parts and prices for both the L and M models.  All parts for the XCR-L and M are available (though there may be up to a 4 week lead time for some parts and custom barrels).  We should have a shopping cart for all parts up and running on this site by 1 March 2012.

If you have additional questions, please contact  We will try to post answers to the most popular questions here.




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