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Plastic is for toys.  Our new Fully Adjustable Stock is all metal except for the cheek rest and butt pad.  The hinge is made from steel, and the rest of the parts are aluminum.



For a long time, our XCR had the best ergonomics controls except for our buttstock.  That has changed.

It can be quickly deployed from the folded postion by the push of a strategcially placed button an flick of the fingers.  It locks firmly into the deployed and folded postions.

It can be adjusted so that any user using any sight can be perfectly comfortable.

Rifle can be fired with stock folded.


The fully adjustable stock has 6 length positions. A button on the bottom of the stock allows you to push or pull the stock to the length desired.

The base of the stock can be bolted on in three different positions giving it a total height adjustment of 1.5"

The cheek rest can be quickly adjusted to two heights .25" apart.  One setting is for low height sights and the other for the full height flip up sights.


Our stock is light at approximately one pound. It is very thin at under one inch in width.  Folded it creates a tight, compact package.

We designed this to work with all your gear, be it gas masks or goggles.  No tilting the head necessary for seeing your sights.  Fastest sight acqisition time possible.

The Fully Adjustable stock can be configured so that any user can be comfortable with any sight or optic.



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Fully Adjustable Stock (FAST)

Length of Pull Adjustment:

10" to 13" on L.  10.5" to 13.5 on M.  .5" Increments

Height Positions: 3 Bolt on Postions.
Cheek Rest Positions: 2 Quick Postions .25" apart
Weight: 1.0 lbs
Width: 0.85"
The Robinson Armament Co. Fully Adjustable Stock (FAST) comes with with all parts needed to attach to your XCR rifles.  It fits both the XCR-L and M models without modification.  

Whether one is using it on the L or M, there are two methods for cheek height adjustment.  The stock may be bolted on the hinge at three different heights.  This height change requires an allen wrench.  (In the picture on the left, the stock is bolted on in the middle position which is the most used postion.)

In addition to the three bolt on positions, the cheek rest can attach to the stock at two different heights .25" apart.  The lower postion is perfect for lower sights such as Troy Micro or H&K 416 Sights.  The higher postion (pictured on the left) is ideal for standard height flip up sights.  The change can be made quickly by hand without tools.

Please note, can be colored OD or FDE for an additional charge.  Butt pad and cheek rest remain black.

Available in November if preordred now! 

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